Sunday, July 02, 2006

FAT OV-10 maidened

i finally maidened my fat ov-10 yesterday (sunday) at around 6:30 pm in sta.lucia - just beside sm fairview. the reason for a sunset test flight is that the wind is calm during this time of day and with a plane that has a wingspan of 30" and weights only 12 oz., it can easily tossed around by a slight blow of wind.

handlunch was at full throttle but i full back at half when i reached a flying altitude of 75' to 100'. this plane is basically a slow-flyer, perfect for a beginner like me. it glides very well and very stable at half throttle, and i even performed a powerless landing without any trouble at all.

i could have stayed a little bit longer in the air if not for the darkness that is setting in. according to my tx, i posted a flight time of 34 minutes in 3 breaks with plenty of power left on my lipoly.

this plane is definitely a keeper.

(no in-flight photos... my cameraman ...ahhh woman... is not available during the maiden flight)

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