Wednesday, April 28, 2010

another jump-start!


cutting some foam again...
gonna try to jump-start this hobby.


Friday, September 25, 2009

I finally got a fms cable for my radio and pc but not the one I originally ordered from my first dealer, that one I am still waiting. The one above is for my generic fms - freewares.  I bought the cable from Duck RC, one of our LHS (local hobby shop) here, and is made by GWS. Teejs of RC Philippines told me that Sir Pato has this stuff in their shop and so I gave them a call.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Got my Phoenix RC fms

After waiting for several weeks, my Phoenix RC fms (flight model sim) finally arrived!
Problem is, my dealer forgot to include the cable adapter for my Hitec radio which I ordered separately.  They already did a follow up on my item and said I have to wait for another... several... weeks... for their next... shipment... to... arrive.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doing a Shockie

Just finished scratch building my first 3D shock flyer - a YAK-54 from RC Group. Original plan calls for a 34" wingspan, I reduced the plan a bit so as to make it a 30" ws flier. Controls are throttle, rudder, elevator and dual ailerons with EPA (end point adjustment) radio programming on each servos.
I am gonna use this plane to try my skills on 3D flying but this baby won't be maidened until I tried it first on a FMS (flight model simulator) - that would be Phoenix ver. 2.5 which I am still waiting to be delivered.

30" ws 3D shock flyer with a Blue Wonder brushless outrunner motor.

Doing the radio programming during the assembly stage.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Windy Weekend

Why risk flying your rc planes into such strong winds when you can fly this baby instead - my 4-year old dual-line sports kite.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

My NanoBipe


The original plan for this plane at NanoPlanes calls for a 2mm foamboard as the main material for it's construction.  However such a thin foamboard is not readily available at our LHS or art supply.  What I did was used the 6mm foamboard which I got from National Bookstore SM North EDSA Branch (btw, I love SM's newly built Sky Garden), the one I got did not have any paper backing on it.  In the beginning I was pondering whether I am going to increase the size of the plane to say about 25% since I am to use a thicker foamboard.  But then I opted to go with the original size which has a wingspan of only 22 inches. I did my best to stick with how the plane is suppose to be built, but with the 6mm foamboard I am using, I knew a lot of adjustment has to be made. In the end, after an overnight and a day's work,  I was able to finish it with satisfactory result.  It is not as elegant looking as the original NanoBipe, but mine sure is also pretty and much happy with the build process.

Here's my version of the NanoBipe.

WS: 22"
AUW: 8 0z (227 grammes)
Motor: Blue Wonder brushless outrunner
Prop: GWS EP-8040
Controls: A/E/T


Many thanks to icy for driving for me, to and from SM North EDSA despite the typhoon we had last Friday.


Two weeks after, my NanoBipe all dressed up.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chara's H-29


While waiting for the avionics for my ARF profile A-10, I decided to start another build.  So I surf my way to RCGroup's Electric Scratch Built Foamies (planes). And here is what caught my eyes > Chara' pusherprop jet - the H-29.

Simple plane. Simple build. I decided to make one myself.

Assembly stage, cutting and test fitting the  the main components while Matthew takes his turn on my Mac Mini.

After almost a day, my H-29 is ready and is now waiting to be maidened.


Friday, June 05, 2009

A-10 at 36" WS


1st sitting
Started scratch building a profile A-10.  I planned it as a 36" wingspan pusher powered by a small brushless outrunner way at the tail.

The fuselage at 33" long and the main wing at 36" span.

Wing on a test-fit, looks good to me.

2nd sitting:
Dummy engines and landing gear fairings made and added.

3rd Sitting:
On my 3rd sitting I cut another foam board for the tail section.  This completes the component for the whole frame.

The tail section with working elevator and stabilizer fins.

The completed frame.  The avionics will be next.  I don't have plans of painting the plane, I like it white. 

Here is the under belly with carbon fiber tube running the middle. Now my plane is ARF.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Planes - All Scratch Built


Just some of the planes I built.  The main material is foam board from National Bookstore, reinforce with bamboo skewers, or spruce and balsa and some with carbon fiber tubes or strips. I enjoy scratch building them as much as flying.  Scratch building keeps my mind active, my hands busy and my drawing skills sharp.

 "the DREAM"  also known as MANTIS
- Semi-profile fuse
- WS at 46"
- Controls are E/R/T
- Motor: Brushless outrunner 2408-21 with GWS EP0947 prop
- Battery: Dualsky LiPo 3s1P at 11oo mAh

Profile P51
- WS at 44"
- Motor: Himax BL with gearbox on GWS 1047 prop
- Control: A/E/T
- Battery 3S1P LiPo at 1100 mAh

Fat OV-10
- Profile fuse with 2 IPS-A motors, 9070 prop on each
- WS at 30"
- Controls are E/R/T
- Battery: 3S1P Lipo at 620 mAh
- AUW at 12 oz.

- Full fuse with 40" WS 
- Powered by a BL motor
- Controls are A/E/T

Profile A-10
- Controls are ailerons/elevator/throttle
- WS at 32"
- Motors are two Mabuchi 250s (from Tamiya) with 4025 props on each.
   I run out of IPS motors, that's the reason for the 250s and it did not do well. After several flights, one of the motor over heated and burnt. 
   I love A-1os.

Mini Fokker Eindecker EIII
- GWS IPS-A motor with a 9047 slow prop
-WS at 32"


V-tail trainer
-GWS IPS-A motor on 9047 slow prop
-2S1P 6oo mAh LiPo battery
-WS at 30"

Here are some first on this plane:
• this is my very first scratch built plane to use a foamboard
• my first plane to use a lipoly battery. no more nicads or the likes on my planes.
• my first plane to use my Hitec Optic6.  before that, my venerable Futaba Attack4 is my main tx.
• my first plane to actually do a ROG (raised off ground).  all of my planes i usually hand-launch.
• this is the plane i used to train myself on proper landing.  before that, all my landings i considered crashes. hehe.


Monday, May 25, 2009

My Last Flight at Sta. Lucia


Minutes after Irene finished taking this video, a bike-riding security guard approached and informed us that the site, a vacant residential area at the back of SM City Fairview owned by Sta. Lucia Property is closing it's gate to all rc fliers and is therefore discouraging the use of the site as a rc fly zone. Security of the place and safety of the people are the main reasons he gave and also as per order of Sta. Lucia management.

Just as I am starting my return to rc flying, the site where I do my sortees is grounding all would be earthbound pilots in the area.

(by the way, the noises you can hear are sounds of vehicles in the area. not the BL motor. hehe)


preparing for flight

(photo and video courtesy of icy)


Sunday, May 24, 2009

She is back! I am back!


After a battery leak ruined my four year old Hitec Optic 6, now she is back. Many thanks to Anthony Ballesteros of Bullet Hobby (Pasig), who also consults for Hitec RCD Philippines who made a quick fix on my TX.

Well, it looks like I am back to flying again.


Hold! Take 2!


With a few "keepers" hanging on my wall, I'll try rejuvinating this blog.

"One you've tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth
with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been,
and there you will always long to return."