Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Planes - All Scratch Built


Just some of the planes I built.  The main material is foam board from National Bookstore, reinforce with bamboo skewers, or spruce and balsa and some with carbon fiber tubes or strips. I enjoy scratch building them as much as flying.  Scratch building keeps my mind active, my hands busy and my drawing skills sharp.

 "the DREAM"  also known as MANTIS
- Semi-profile fuse
- WS at 46"
- Controls are E/R/T
- Motor: Brushless outrunner 2408-21 with GWS EP0947 prop
- Battery: Dualsky LiPo 3s1P at 11oo mAh

Profile P51
- WS at 44"
- Motor: Himax BL with gearbox on GWS 1047 prop
- Control: A/E/T
- Battery 3S1P LiPo at 1100 mAh

Fat OV-10
- Profile fuse with 2 IPS-A motors, 9070 prop on each
- WS at 30"
- Controls are E/R/T
- Battery: 3S1P Lipo at 620 mAh
- AUW at 12 oz.

- Full fuse with 40" WS 
- Powered by a BL motor
- Controls are A/E/T

Profile A-10
- Controls are ailerons/elevator/throttle
- WS at 32"
- Motors are two Mabuchi 250s (from Tamiya) with 4025 props on each.
   I run out of IPS motors, that's the reason for the 250s and it did not do well. After several flights, one of the motor over heated and burnt. 
   I love A-1os.

Mini Fokker Eindecker EIII
- GWS IPS-A motor with a 9047 slow prop
-WS at 32"


V-tail trainer
-GWS IPS-A motor on 9047 slow prop
-2S1P 6oo mAh LiPo battery
-WS at 30"

Here are some first on this plane:
• this is my very first scratch built plane to use a foamboard
• my first plane to use a lipoly battery. no more nicads or the likes on my planes.
• my first plane to use my Hitec Optic6.  before that, my venerable Futaba Attack4 is my main tx.
• my first plane to actually do a ROG (raised off ground).  all of my planes i usually hand-launch.
• this is the plane i used to train myself on proper landing.  before that, all my landings i considered crashes. hehe.


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