Friday, June 05, 2009

A-10 at 36" WS


1st sitting
Started scratch building a profile A-10.  I planned it as a 36" wingspan pusher powered by a small brushless outrunner way at the tail.

The fuselage at 33" long and the main wing at 36" span.

Wing on a test-fit, looks good to me.

2nd sitting:
Dummy engines and landing gear fairings made and added.

3rd Sitting:
On my 3rd sitting I cut another foam board for the tail section.  This completes the component for the whole frame.

The tail section with working elevator and stabilizer fins.

The completed frame.  The avionics will be next.  I don't have plans of painting the plane, I like it white. 

Here is the under belly with carbon fiber tube running the middle. Now my plane is ARF.


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