Tuesday, June 13, 2006

05 - the short cut

finally finished my gremlin!
after charging my batteries for my tx and for the plane's power plant, to the flying field i went.

range... checked
cg... checked
control surfaces... checked
power... checked
wind... checked

clear for take-off!

and walllllah!


as soon as it left the ground i realized it was tail heavy! at full power, it darted upward with no absolute direction at all. it went into an inverted flight (unintentional) and looped straight back to the ground from a height of 50ft.

needless to say, i went to check the crash site.... too disturbing... i did not take pictures. (hehehe)

oh well... come to think of it, i went to the flying field with one gremlin... i went home with 3.

flight assessment: other than the cg error, i should have put a dihedral on the wing... sigh.

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